New Chrysler Ypsilon on sale late this year

The new Chrysler/Lancia Ypsilon was nominated the stand-out mainstream production vehicle at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show. This is based on media coverage before, during, and after the big annual Swiss international show.

Because Lancia has not been offered in right-hand-drive here since the first Ypsilon was launched in Europe, it is a completely new model to Ireland. From June, Chrysler will be re-launched in the Irish market with Fiat taking over distribution from the OHM Group. And late this year the new Ypsilon will be available here.

We are told the Chrysler Ypsilon will be aimed at customers looking to downsize from larger luxury cars and who are unwilling to compromise on comfort, technology, refinement or prestige.

Another big attention getter at the Geneva Show, the Alfa Romeo 4C, though technically still a concept vehicle, is expected to go into production at the end of 2012 and Fiat tells us that already Alfa Romeo dealers are receiving order enquiries from collectors, enthusiasts and Alfisti in Ireland.

Alfa Romeo MiTo Upgrade

Alfa Romeo has announced details of its revised Alfa Romeo MiTo range for 2011, highlighting new technologies, a new engine range, and new trim levels for the revised MiTo, as well as some minor design tweaks.

Because April is a key vehicle registration month for Britain and because it is one of the largest markets in Europe, the range revisions for Britain and right-hand-drive production were naturally prioritised and expedited by Turin.

However, because the Irish registration system is skewered heavily towards the first four months of the year, it made more sense for Fiat Group Automobiles Ireland to focus on how best to position the Alfa Romeo MiTo for 2012. Therefore, it says, it will be better able to optimise the engine range, trim levels and pricing of the revised Alfa Romeo MiTo to maximise its appeal next year.

So expect to see full details of the revised Alfa Romeo MiTo for the Irish market announced in September.



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