A picture show and a talk show at Galway Comedy Festival

Al Pritcher.

Al Pritcher.

TWO SHOWS, which could prove highlights of this year’s Galway Comedy Festival, could also be its most unusual - one is a slide show of photographs, the other a chat show.

Al Pritcher

On Saturday, as you walk around town, you might see comedian Al Pitcher about. ‘That’s not surprising,’ you think, ‘the comedy festival’s on.’ Then you see he has a digital camera, and as you watch you realise he’s not taking holiday snaps.

The very next day Al will present those same photographs to Galway audiences and draw from the images a truly unique and hilarious one-off show. This is the multi-awarding winning The Al Pitcher Picture Show, which will be performed in Kelly’s, Bridge Street, on Sunday October 25 at 8pm.

What might be ordinary things to you and me are comedy inspiration to Al, as well as symbols of the strangeness of life and humanity. Turning the mundane insane, if you are looking for a show that will give you a new perspective on things, this is for you.

The Al Pitcher Picture Show won Best Show 2009 at the Leicester Comedy Festival Awards, was Directors’ Pick 2009 at the Newcastle Gateshead Comedy Festival, and was the Time Out Sydney’s People’s Choice Award 2009.

Kevin Bridges is also on the bill. Tickets are available from Kelly’s and Zhivago Shop Street. See also www.galwaycomedyfestival.com

Scott Capuro

In his comedy, Scott Capuro is not afraid to say things or go places that can make audiences uncomfortable. Whether it is homosexuality, religion, politics, children, race, society, his smart, sharp comedy is very close to the bone, and all the better for it.

For the Galway Comedy Festival, Scott will be getting other comedians to go close to the bone for Scott Capuro’s Position in The Ruby Room, The King’s Head, this Saturday at 5.30pm.

Here Scott will host a live comedy chat show featuring Greg Proops, Holly Walsh, and the great John Cooper Clarke. Scott will poke and prod his high-profile roster of guests in pursuit of the most personal revelations, the most intimate insights, unexpurgated chat, and two hours of guaranteed hilarity.

Tickets are available on the door although early arrival is advised as space is limited. See www.galwaycomedyfestival.com



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