Support Tommy Tiernan and raise funds for the homeless

GALWEGIANS CAN help Tommy Tiernan set a Guinness World Record and raise money for the homeless this weekend by going to his Testamental show in the Nuns Island Theatre this weekend.

Tommy is attempting to set a Guinness World Record for the longest solo stand up show ever performed, starting at 3pm on Good Friday until dawn on Easter Sunday.

This will be no ordinary Tommy Tiernan show. He needs to stay awake and keep managing to talk for 37 hours. He may not even be funny at times, he may even just be whispering, he may be talking rubbish. Hopefully he won’t lose his voice.

However as long as he keeps going and makes it to dawn the world record will be set. Tommy needs the Galway public to support him in this attempt by coming to the show, helping him to keep going, feed him ideas for material, and bring something with them that he can talk about.

The organisers are setting aside a number of tickets for groups of 10 or more at the concession rate of €15 per ticket. The selected shows these tickets are available for are:

Good Friday from 3pm to 4pm; 4.05pm to 5.05pm; and 6.15pm to 7.15pm. Easter Saturday from 2.55am to 5.55am; 6.10am to 9.10am; 9.25am to 10.25am; 10.30am to 11.30am; 11.35am to 12.35pm; 12.40pm to 1.40pm; 1.45pm to 2.45pm; 2.50pm to 3.50pm; 3.55pm to 4.55pm; 5pm to 6pm; and 6.05pm to 7.05pm; and 7.10pm to 8.10pm.

The show is in aid of the Galway Youth Dioscescan Services resource centre Number 4.

The charity has recently been forced into a turnaround by the board of directors to refuse the money it was promised based on the diocesan feeling “uncomfortable” about the event beginning on Good Friday.

However Tommy is determined to raise these funds and make sure the money goes to the most marginalised of the city’s young people.

To book your group call Tommy’s office on 091 - 564875 or email [email protected]



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