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Blood pH test available at Health and Herbs

Health and Herbs is an integrated health clinic and herbal dispensary situated at No 9 Sea Road, Galway. It was founded in 1999 by Dr Dilis Clare, who is Ireland’s only GP also qualified in herbal medicine.

Digestive health clinic comes to Galway

One in three Irish people experience digestive problems regularly, including heartburn, indigestion, bloating, wind, belching, low energy, and poor concentration.

Get your A, B, Cs in order at Whelan’s Pharmacy

Do you get confused when it comes to your A, B, and Cs? At Whelan’s Pharmacy the friendly and professional staff are trained to advise on a whole range of topics including vitamins and essential minerals.

Healthy eating and nutrition for strong teeth and alveolar bone

Alveolar bone makes up the part of your jaw that surrounds each of your teeth. The connective tissue, collagen, periodontal ligaments and alveolar bone together hold each tooth in place so you can chew your food without fear of loosening or losing teeth. Nutrients from your diet affect both your alveolar bone and your teeth, and consuming specific nutrients can help maintain the heath of these tissues.

Older people advised to take greater care during the summer season

Ireland’s irregular climate is well-documented and this summer is proving to be predictably unpredictable. Recent outbreaks of heavy colds and flu around the country are a symptom of changeable weather patterns, and medical experts are advising older people in particular to take care of themselves throughout the season.

Beat heart disease the natural way

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A natural approach to heart health being spearheaded by a local GP/medical herbalist and her team aims to help people avoid unnecessary medication.

Living with MS

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When Anne-Marie Hayden was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, a progressive neurological condition, at age 20 she entered a “completely different world”.

Pregnant women being recruited for NUIG clinical trials

Pregnant women are currently being recruited into a new NUI Galway-led clinical trial which hopes to develop effective measures to prevent Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM).

Some traditional herbal remedies

Insomnia: Calcium/ magnesium+D, B complex, valerian and hops complex, oat or camomile tea before bedtime. One teaspoon molasses and honegar in warm water or milk before bedtime. Sepia is useful when you feel dragged down and for hormonal imbalances.

Beyonce: so baby-licious

Beyonce’s growing baby bump has the world eagerly anticipating the birth of her and Jay-Z’s first baby, but has the Destiny’s Child singer got you thinking of a child of your own? If so, here are some tips that could help you to be as baby-licious as Miss Knowles.


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