Some traditional herbal remedies

Creator of Nature’s Balm - The Rub, Dorrie Killeen, offers a selection of old traditional remedies for some common complaints

Insomnia: Calcium/ magnesium+D, B complex, valerian and hops complex, oat or camomile tea before bedtime. One teaspoon molasses and honegar in warm water or milk before bedtime. Sepia is useful when you feel dragged down and for hormonal imbalances.

Indigestion: For bloating, chew fennel seed but do not swallow, peppermint tea or tincture, or centaurium tincture. Acidophilius and digestive enzyme before meals, or eat live yogurt and raw vegetables.

Itching: Could be a sign of intestinal worms or diabetes. Eat live yogurt, vitamin C, kelp, and B complex, papaforce (papaya fruit ) for worms. The Rub for dry, itchy skin. An old remedy: rub affected area with raw potato or dab on sage tea.

Cramps: Take calcium magnesium with vitamin D. Add seaweed to your diet. Massage with The Rub when you feel the cramp coming on.

Cholesterol: Lecithin mobilises fat allowing the body to use it as energy. Evening primrose oil emulsifies fats, garlic and onions, eat two apples with the skins daily. Take a pinch of cayenne pepper and a teaspoon of molasses in hot milk. Eat plenty of fish like salmon, tuna, sardines, cod, and bass. Cynara tincture (global artichoke ) can be extremely effective if high cholesterol is inherited, and research has indicated that cynara is helpful for bloating.

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The Rub is available locally from McGorisks, Honey Pot, Cooneys, Cunninghams, and Concannons Pharmacies in Athlone; Brodericks and Holl ys Pharmacies, Ballinasloe; Whelehans Pharmacy and Nuts & Grains Health Shop in Mullingar; McManus Pharmacy, Clara; and O’Briens Pharmacy, Roscommon.


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