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Only the Power Plate shifts weight

Summer is here and the time has come to bare more flesh. So rather than hide under loose fitting clothes this summer why not feel proud to show off your body.

Food and feelings: what’s eating you?

What does kindness have to do with weight loss? For most people, absolutely nothing. Instead, discipline and motivation are seen as important for following a rigid diet and getting into shape. When we slip again we blame and criticise ourselves for our lack of discipline, and turn to our favourite food for consolation. We torture ourselves over a number on a scale or a size on a dress when we’d be better off putting our energy into understanding our real selves. Our struggles with food cause tremendous stress, guilt, shame, and self-loathing. We’ve internalised a feeling of powerlessness and each time we try and fail, we subject ourselves to more of the same miserable feelings.

New life, new you with Lifeslim

Lifeslim, the first Irish weight-loss programme with guaranteed results, is now available in your local pharmacy. Conceived in 2008, Lifeslim focuses not only on weight loss but the importance of long-term weight maintenance.

Want to lose weight and feel great?

Zest4life is based on Patrick Holford’s Low GL programme. Patrick Holford is a leading nutritional therapist and is the author of some 20 books. Low GL has been tested and is backed by hundreds of scientific papers.

Natural weight loss

There are many factors that can impact on your ability or inability to lose weight and it is important to address as many of these issues as possible when embarking on a weight loss programme, otherwise one can in effect be ‘pushing against the tide’. There is no magic pill, but with careful consideration of the factors below, a good plan can be put together.

Lose weight for good with System 10

Do you struggle for weeks to lose a few pounds, only to have the weight pile back on again once your diet ends? System 10, a new approach to weight loss, offers permanent results by speeding up the rate at which your body burns fat.

Hypnosis is rising in popularity

An increasing number of people are turning to hypnosis to help them overcome destructive habits and a wide range of other emotional and dysfunctional problems.

The Operation Alteration effect

Have you heard of Castle Leisure Club's very successful six week weight loss management course? Since its debut in September 2008, Operation Alteration has boasted great success with some inspiring results from several participants.

Local nutritionist offers healthy weight loss advice

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As the weigh-in day for participants dawns, Lynda McFarland, who is a nutritional consultant and wholefoods cookery instructor, has some great tips to assist people over the coming six weeks of Lent. Organiser of the Slimathon Cllr Aengus O’Rourke said, “We want people to take on the challenge of losing weight over Lent and in turn raise some euros for Ss Peter and Paul’s Church. Most people will give up luxury items for Lent anyway but this is an opportunity to go that extra mile. Anyone can come along on Monday February 15 to the Sheraton Athlone Hotel at 7pm to get weighed in and they will get their sponsorship cards also. The Sheraton Fitness Centre is also giving six weeks free membership to participants so there are no excuses!”

Three quarters of Galway women consider themselves overweight

Three out of four local women consider themselves to be overweight, according to a survey conducted by a Galway based company.


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