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Dream storage for your dream home at Komandor

The most common mistake the team at Komandor see clients struggle with is budgeting their interiors.

Improve your CV to land a dream job

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It is fair to say the weather so far in 2020 has been awful with February being particularly dreadful. Twenty-one consecutive days of rain plus three storms have left most of us huddling indoors trying to stay warm and dry.

Online counselling and introduction to mindfulness event

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Mary McHugh set up Irish Online Counselling and Psychotherapy (IOCPS) in 2011 in order to deliver an online medium for people who were struggling with depression and anxiety. Soon she discovered there were lots of people who were unable to access face-to-face therapy for various reasons, such as severe social anxiety, disability, family/work commitments, geographic location etc.

Counselling & Psychotherapy Practice, clients can now avail of Phone & Online Counselling from the comfort & privacy of their own homes.

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Introductory offer: Phone & Online Counselling via a private and secure platform for adults.

Searching a for the dream job in 2019

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As we approach the middle of April, it is likely that your New Year, new me ideals and promises have sadly fallen by the wayside; it happens to us all.

'I have my own business as a nutritional therapist'

I always had an interest in food and how it can affect our bodies. When I finally decided to take the plunge into the world of nutrition, CNM’s course was ideal for me as I was able to continue working while attending college locally at the weekends.

The importance of focusing on the big picture

It has been a strange week newswise. Sometimes it’s as if all the planets align and sagas and dramas that have been playing out for years of a news cycle, cross each others path like ships in the night.

Natural wellness conference in Galway

This month, Sallyann O’Sullivan launches her new wellness talks series. As part of this series, a natural wellness conference will take place at Salt in Galway Crystal on March 20.

New Year – New Beginnings at Strive Clinic

January sees the launch of a number of classes and workshops at Strive Clinic, Galway.

At Holistic Health & Stress Clinic, Dr Bhatti specialises in painful conditions and weight loss the natural way!

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The Clinic of Complementary and Natural Medicine was established by Dr Bhatti in 1989.


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