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Museum-based art therapy workshops explore positive mental health in an unexpected setting

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A series of art therapy workshops, currently being run by Red Door Studio at Galway City Museum, are bringing a positive mental health message to an unexpected setting. The workshops, called Re:Imagine, use the museum's exhibits as a form of therapy - by exploring the space, and creating their own art in response to this, participants can learn to understand themselves better, and heal through self expression in a safe space.

National telephone counselling service to open every day until end of March

Telephone counselling and support service Connect is to extend its hours to provide a seven-day-week service from today until the end of March.

Free stress management support is now available from the HSE

HSE Health and Wellbeing are delivering free Stress Control classes each month online via the YouTube channel. The programme helps participants recognise the signs of stress and teaches skills to overcome panicky feelings and tips to getting a good night’s sleep.

Typical questions that candidates worry about

This week, I have compiled a list of regular questions our coaches get asked by candidates, and the answers we typically give, writes Mary O’Brien-Killeen, Career Coach, Slí Nua Careers.

Avail of hypnotherapy sessions to alleviate problematic issues

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Boasting a wealth of relevant experience, Paul Gill is a prominent feature within the hypnotherapy business for 17 years.

Telephone counselling service to open every day over Christmas

Telephone counselling and support service, Connect, is to extend its hours during Christmas to open every evening from tomorrow until Sunday, January 3.

Bring your dream home to life with Komandor

Receiving the plans and renders for your forever home is an exciting moment. However the most common mistake the team at Komandor see clients struggle with is budgeting their fitted furniture (kitchens and wardrobes).

How stress and worry influence your sleep

Scientists have found a direct link between anxiety and rhythm of sleep. When a person has anxious thoughts, his/her heart rate goes up and in turn the mind starts to ‘race’. This causes the brain to become alert and stimulated and start producing beta waves. This happens to someone who worries about something when trying to get to sleep - instead of being calm and subdued, the brain is too aroused to sleep. And to make matters worse, once the brain is stimulated in this way, other worries are activated, making sleep even harder to achieve.

Mary McHugh - Irish Online Counselling & Psychotherapy Service (IOCPS)

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Online counselling provider is Businesswoman of the Year

Dream storage for your dream home at Komandor

The most common mistake the team at Komandor see clients struggle with is budgeting their interiors.


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