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Cinema Review - Gran Torino

GRAN TORINO, a film about a grumpy old-timer who begrudgingly becomes the local neighbourhood hero, is surprisingly one of the best films I have seen all year. Clint Eastwood has struck gold again!

Cinema Review - The International

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It’s an absolute sin to find yourself bored during a thriller/action movie especially if it had all the right ingredients but was just blended the wrong way. Apart from a few fairly decent shoot-em-up scenes The International was a long-haul dizzy trip to nowhere.

Cinema Review - Marley and Me

Troublesome, rambunctious, and absolutely wild; this is Marley the very cute Labrador whose antics such as eating everything in sight including a message minder machine (yes, the whole thing!) supplied so much material that there was a newspaper column, a book, and now a film dedicated to him. Who needs Lassie when you have Marley to keep you laughing, and crying?

Cinema Review - Paul Blart: Mall Cop

An overweight, sugar dependent, and over-dutiful mall cop who suddenly comes face to face with actual criminals might seem like the formula for a really good comedy but Paul Blart: Mall Cop just falls a little short as there are just not enough chuckles.

Cinema Review - Knowing

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It’s so annoying when a film starts off quite interesting, leads into a dramatic action packed edge-of-the-seat middle, and then just fails miserably fobbing you off with an ending which is just ridiculous. It could have been so much more.

Cinema Review - I Love You, Man

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How can a man be the perfect boyfriend and hang out with the guys or be in tune with his feminine side without being a complete wimp? That’s the question that Peter Klaven, a lovely but socially inept, real estate agent desperately needs to find answers to. With plenty of laughs, cringy moments, and even a few revelations, this is one of the best comedies about male friendship to come to the screens in a while.

Cinema Review - State Of Play

Murder, government conspiracies, love triangles, and oh so many twisting plots, all in a day’s work for brash newspaper reporter Cal McAffrey who uncovers it all; if only the life of an everyday hack was this thrilling. This film is certainly intriguing to watch as the suspense is well paced keeping the audience enthralled throughout.

Cinema Review - X Men Origins: Wolverine

The gorgeous and rugged Hugh Jackman is certainly great at getting his claws out in this action-packed flick but is let down by a rather rushed ending.

Cinema Review - Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

OK so there’s no real surprise with this film - there’s the arrogant photographer with commitment issues, the slighted and heart broken girlfriends, throw in a bit of Scrooge-like ‘this is your life’ moral teachings, and hey presto you have yet another romcom.

Cinema Review - Star Trek

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As one who thought that yet another addition to the ‘done to death’ Star Trek franchise would be a terrible idea I have to admit that this time the film has boldly gone where it should go.


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