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'Why I trained in acupuncture'

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I trained as a social scientist with a PhD from the London School of Economics before discovering my interest in acupuncture and naturopathy.

'Yo-yo dieting was controlling my life – I knew I had to make some changes'

"I was tired, frustrated, and emotionally drained from the repetitive, negative cycle of yo-yo dieting I had created. I desperately wanted to establish balance and not let dieting run my life.

'My job is now so varied and rewarding'

Despite already being qualified as a nutritionist, I felt something was missing and there was more I needed to learn to expand my knowledge and advance my career.

Natural remedies you can try when you feel a headache coming on.

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Could you be dehydrated? If you feel a headache coming, hydrate with a large glass of cooled (tepid) boiled water. Adding a little pinch of Himalayan pink crystal salt or a splash of coconut water to the glass can help replenish essential minerals. Caffeinated drinks like coffee, black tea, energy drinks and cola can be diuretic, causing the body to lose even more water so best to avoid these as much as possible.

“CNM opened the doorway to personal transformation… I could never have imagined”

I was doing street food and journalism before I came across CNM. I burnt out running a street food truck and the search for alternatives, from a place of extreme depletion and exhaustion, started me on a new career path and, more importantly, a deep healing journey.

'I had worked in IT since leaving university, but I never felt that spreadsheets and storage solutions were my true calling'

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After my dad had a heart attack, I started to read about nutrition as I wanted to find out how I could help him and what preventative health measures I could use for myself and my family.

‘I ended up that afternoon in the resuscitation area of my own department’

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Three years ago I was working as an obese, fatigued, and run-down A&E nurse who had just become an emergency patient in her own department while at work. With a resting heart rate of nearly 200 beats per minute, high blood pressure, and atrial fibrillation diagnosis, things were not looking good at all. Holding down a very stressful and challenging career as well as studying herbal medicine, all while supporting a household of several young adults, had taken its toll.

'My child’s health inspired my new career in nutrition'

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I decided to study nutrition at CNM after experiencing the impact diet changes had on my little girl’s health. She was very poorly between the age of one and three, with frequent trips to the hospital due to recurrent chest infections and asthma-like symptoms. She was prescribed corticosteroids, antibiotics, and a variety of inhalers, but I was frustrated at simply managing my daughter’s symptoms with medication and not actually seeing any progress in her health. We received no nutritional or lifestyle advice.

CNM gave me the chance to be an entrepreneur

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by Monika Mateja, CNM vegan natural chef graduate

I designed a brain-friendly children’s food range

CNM not only provides a brilliant breadth of knowledge to build upon in private practice, it opens doors of opportunity for health-minded individuals enabling a change of career they feel truly passionate about.


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