Let go of the baggage and enjoy a happy Christmas

I always enjoy seeing the last paper of the year speed off to the printers. But even more so, I love seeing it the next morning with a beautiful painting on the front page. For just one week out of the year I can guarantee readers a front page full of happiness and hope.

I always enjoy looking through our art competition entries every year. Once they start arriving in the office you know it’s Christmas. And this year was no exception. Our theme of a White Christmas was very apt this year as most of the country has already witnessed snow, or at the very least a blanket of frost, this week.

As you can see our last paper of the year is full of beautiful drawings and paintings from children all across the Midlands. There are snowmen, reindeer, Christmas trees, Santas, and igloos. We all had a tough time picking the winners as the quality of entries was very high. It’s so refreshing to see children eager show their talent for art, and I’m very grateful to their parents and teachers who encouraged them to enter our Christmas art competition.

Hopefully the volume of entries will increase with every year so we can continue to fill the Advertiser Christmas edition with beautiful pieces of art from across the Midlands. After all, Christmas is really about children, it’s their day and as such I feel it apt to have them as such an integral part of the paper.

Despite everything that’s happened this year, we should celebrate the season that’s in it. It’s a time to forgive, to be happy, to spend time with loved ones, especially children. They’ve been innocent to the hardships we’ve all faced and I think we will all agree that they shouldn’t have to suffer because of mistakes and ill fortune.

I understand that Christmas can be a lonely time for some, and for this I am sorry. It should be an exciting and joyous time of year. It’s the perfect time to shake off all the baggage we’ve been carrying around from the year that’s been, and embrace a fresh start.

Being bitter and grumpy isn’t going to get us anywhere. Life is too short to hold grudges. After all it’s Christmas and I think we all deserve a fresh start.

From everyone in the Advertiser:

Nollaig shona agus athbhliain faoi mhaise daoibh go léir!


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