Man receives fine for stealing cigarettes

A man who broke into a shop and stole €400 worth of cigarettes has been fined €250.

Inspector Kieran Keyes explained how the owner of the Quickpick shop on the Delvin Road had woken up at around 3.50am on July 6 when she heard a noise.

She phoned gardaí and gave a description of a man who had broken a window with a rock and stolen cigarettes.

Officers arrested him on their way to the shop and the cigarettes were recovered.

The 20-year-old father of two had compensation of €200, of which €100 was for the window.

Mr Louis Kiernan said the incident had been a “nasty” one and that his client had been acting completely out of character and recalled very little about the day.

He had never been in trouble before and this was an impulsive crime with no planning because he was too drunk.

Commenting on the sanctity of private property and how people are often prisoners in their own home, Judge Neilan fined the young man €250 on conviction.


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