Budget anger drives man to madness

A Mullingar man who appeared at a special court sitting on Sunday, charged with criminally damaging the offices of Senator Camillus Glynn, faces further charges of smearing the building’s door and window with human excrement.

Andrew Clinton was placed in custody on Sunday when he told Judge John Neilan he would not be able to comply with bail conditions to stay away from the Fianna Fail senator’s office.

He’s reported to have told the court that he would probably commit the offences again “because the budget the other day was a joke”.

Yesterday at Mullingar District Court he faced two further charges of damaging the senator’s office by smearing the door and window with human excrement and stuffing rubbish through the letterbox, damaging the carpet.

The offences are alleged to have taken place on November 3 and 10, before the budget announcements.

When charged he replied “I’m sorry for what I done and for what I said to the judge last time,” Garda Peter Kelly told the court.

He was also charged with trespassing at the county council offices with intent to commit an offence and with causing more than €4,600 damage to a glass screen, a car, double glazed units, and traffic barriers.

Garda Enda Kenny said that when charged with the criminal damage he replied “I’m definitely very sorry for what I done to the council. It was a moment of madness for all these things.”

The court heard that Mr Clinton was now willing to accept bail conditions and would not “go out and do the same thing again”, as Judge Neilan said he had claimed on Sunday.

“Four days in custody have set him right in that regard,” solicitor Louis Kiernan told the court, adding that he had a “long discussion with his client”.

Mr Clinton agreed to a curfew between 8pm and 8am at his home at 6 Farran and to stay out of all licensed premises.

He is also banned from entering Austin Friar Street, where the Fianna Fail senator’s office is located, and from attending the office or home of Mr Glynn and from contacting Mr Glynn or anyone in his family.

Mr Clinton has also been ordered to stay away from the environs of Westmeath County Council.

“If you’re not willing to comply, that will have its own consequences,” said the judge, advising the 28-year-old to see his GP.

“Matters are in train in that regard,” replied Mr Kiernan, agreeing to an adjourn date in January. Mr Clinton had declined legal aid and legal representation on Sunday.


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