Woman with 127 convictions jailed

Judge John Neilan has jailed a woman with 127 convictions, saying that he must seek to reassure members of society.

Mullingar District Court heard that when a Richardstown resident returned home from the bog at 6pm on July 17 this year he saw a woman at his front door who shouted “Get out the window, Mickey”.

A young boy climbed out the window and into the car being driven by Mrs Winnie Cash and they left the scene.

On her arrest, Mrs Cash admitted that she had shouted through the letterbox at the boy and that the incident was her idea. She had bought the car they were travelling in the day before for €500.

Mrs Cash, who has an address at 27 Grange View Drive, Clondalkin in Dublin was on temporary release at the time.

Mr Louis Kiernan said his client had a “very difficult history” and that all of her offences had been committed in the last nine years since she lost her husband and had been left responsible for four children.

She had been trying to do her best for them while battling a cocaine habit which she was trying to wean herself off.

Judge Neilan said he was “seriously concerned that anybody would trespass on any residence” and reiterated his concerns for elderly people.

He said he had to note Mrs Cash’s previous convictions as well as her manner and sentenced her to 11 months imprisonment for burglary.

Saying that the court “must seek to reassure members of our society that this type of offence will not be tolerated” and that “sentences will apply”, he ordered that Mrs Cash’s new sentence had begin when she finishes the sentence she is currently serving.

It was also noted that 21 bench warrants have been issued for her arrest.


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