According to eBay we’re savvy!

Well aren’t we a savvy little bunch? Or is that scabby? Either way those lovely people at eBay have crowned us Ireland’s savviest shopping county.

A recent report by the online auction site reveals that customers in Westmeath are in fact the largest online marketplace.

The study looks at Ireland’s shopping habits and reveals Ireland is the latest country to embrace the global trend of ‘shopping neutral’ – offsetting the cost, of spending by selling unwanted goods online. Smart shoppers can generate income by selling unwanted items on, and use the income to shop for new items.

To be fair it’s not a bad idea to sell off those unwanted presents or dodgy purchases, especially if it means making a profit!

Kildare is also an enviable ‘shopping neutral’ address, coming in second place. Canny Carlow takes third place in terms of offsetting shopping costs while Wicklow, Meath, and Kerry take fourth, fifth, and sixth place respectively in spending as much as they earn.

Also bagging a bargain are northern stars Donegal and Monaghan. Sunny southeast county Wexford comes in ninth place, and only barely making the top 10 is the nation’s capital Dublin, with more than 3 per cent less savvy shoppers than Westmeath.

Unusually, Cavan along with the folks in county Laois were the only counties that weren’t home to neutral shoppers and missing out on shopping without spending money, that’s a bit strange!

To help get in on the shopping-for-free action, eBay has compiled useful shopping neutral tips for Irish online fans.

Tips for shopping neutral

1. Think about resale value – it’s not always a case of spend more to get more. Think about what you could sell it for, before you buy it. Do your research on what is a realistic price.

2. Everybody’s got something to sell – you can sell a real mixture of stuff on – from hosepipes to hats. eBay estimates that Irish homes are sitting on approximately €500 worth of saleable items, so get selling!

3. Balancing your budget – Make sure any money from selling is in your account before you go buying.

4. Offer good customer service – you’re already a savvy shopper so remember what you want as a buyer when you’re selling. Communicate well, and be honest, if you’re going on holiday and can’t post your item, let the buyer know.

5. Make the most of your listings so you sell more to buy more – clear photos, detailed descriptions and complete transparency on any faults are the key to a successful sale. Put yourself in your buyer’s shoes and make sure there are no surprises in store.

6. Timing is key – think about what time a listing ends. The busiest time is between 7 and 8pm at the weekend so you’re more likely to see last minute bids if the listing finishes around then.

7. Is there a need for speed? – Over half of all items for sale on eBay are on sale for a fixed price. If you think your buyer will want your item quicker, or it is for a specific time, why not use that ‘Buy it Now’ option to sell your item.

I’m sure that all makes perfect sense to most of you. Seeing as we’re such savvy shoppers and all.

But ya know, even though eBay is handy, and cheap, it’s not the same as getting out about, heading into town, catching up with friends and neighbours, and support local businesses.


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