Judge ‘reluctantly’ orders bench warrant

A man who had been reluctantly released on bail by Judge Neilan who had concerns for his safety, has been arrested in Liverpool.

Mullingar District Court heard that Michael Farrell of 14 Belvedere Court in Mullingar had been arrested in the English city and given a caution. Gardaí became aware of his situation via Interpol.

He remains in contact with one member of his family.

He was last in court in Mullingar in July where he pleaded guilty to a number of public order offences and Inspector Jarlath Folan requested a bench warrant for his non-appearance.

However, solicitor Patricia Cronin referred to his “certain difficulties” and said that he is due in court today, September 11. She asked that the cases against him simply be adjourned to see if he turns up.

Judge Neilan remarked that he had made a note on July 16 when revoking Mr Farrell’s bail and remanding him in custody that he had requested prison authorities keep watch for “suicidal tendencies”.

The remand had been made, he said, lest Mr Farrell pose a problem to himself or others. He recalled that the 27 year old had said his head was “all over the place.”

He rejected Ms Cronin’s submission and issued a bench warrant although he did so “reluctantly”.

“He doesn’t appear to be making any progress whatsoever,” he said, describing the situation as “regrettable”.

“I have my concerns,” he added. “I worry about Mr Farrell.”


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