Ballina councillor says Government propaganda is akin to that espoused by Goebbels

An Independent councillor in the Ballina Municipal District this week compared the current Fine Gael government’s approach to the Homelessness crisis to the Nazi Party in war time Germany.

Councillor Gerry Ginty, when talking about the lack of funding being made available to the Municipal District in this year’s budget proposal, told his fellow councillors “The propaganda machine is costing this country €5 million each year to spew out propaganda telling us how great a little country we are. We can spend thousands out to Vietnam and other places to propagate certain government policies. Whether you agree with them or you don’t is immaterial, but it’s only if it’s a certain type of policy. That money would be better served going to districts like this one.”

Councillor Ginty continued to say “These propaganda units being set up by the Fine Gael government and its Fianna Fail partners, have meant they get off very lightly. It’s not communications, it’s propaganda and if you went back to the years of the Nazis in Germany they had a Minister for Propaganda called Goebbels and he had a theory that were similar to some of the theories being propagated in this country at present. That was that if you put any story often enough and kept repeating it often enough then people will believe it.”

To prop up his point, the Ballina native used the current homeless crisis as an example, saying ”You have ministers and TDs now telling us that we don’t really have a homelessness problem in this country. That it’s not as bad as it is in other countries. It may not be as bad as it is in Uganda or Myanmar or places like that but it is very bad and it’s a disgrace and any country that calls itself a great little country but has people sleeping rough on the streets and 3,000 children without a home for Christmas, that government should hang it’s head in shame!”


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