One of a kind Eddi Reader live in the Royal Theatre

Reader may well be the most relaxed performer in the history of popular music, but that doesn't mean she takes it easy. Perpetually moving, she dances constantly and spontaneously — there's no cheesy choreography here — randomly waving her arms around, as though she were conducting herself.

The energy she uses in a single performance could probably power a wee village on the outskirts of her native Glasgow, and she takes obvious delight in the way the music unfolds, from the first song to the last. All of the trials and tribulations that the music business can lay on the shoulders of performers look a million miles away as she breezes joyfully through the songs.

Abandoning the idea of a prearranged set-list, Reader applies her ethereal voice to a variety of new songs like “Silent Bells”, “Love Is The Way”, and “Fallen Twice”, and swings gleefully through her classics. “The Moon Is Mine”, “Patience Of Angels”, and of course, “Perfect”, from her Fairground Attraction days, spilled out fresher than the day they were written, to the obvious delight of the audience.

The sense of fun and the amount of sheer love for music of all genres that Reader has, coupled with the craft with which she performs makes her one of Scotland's greatest national treasures and most vibrant natural resources. Tickets are available on as well as from The Royal Box Office on 0818 300 000. For further information check the Royal Theatre & Event Centre website on: or


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