Le Galaxie and Daithi set to stun Castlebar

Next Saturday night September 24 two of Ireland’s largest electronic dance outfits Le Galaxie and Daithi will joining forces for a night of electronic dance music at The Garbos Venue in Castlebar!!

Joining forces on the night also expect to see local Mayo DJ’s Relish who will be keeping the crowd entertained in-between the acts and after the show into the wee hours of the morning! Since their debut album, Le Galaxie have replicated this scene across clubs and venues, bars and fields, tents and countries, cities and towns, parties and raves in Ireland. And in doing so, the band has had a multiplier effect, going from a cult following to a force to one of the hardest hitters on the Irish music scene!

“Le Club” is Le Galaxie’s second album. Obviously it’s amazing. How could it not be? This is a band that has broken their balls on the live circuit until something unstoppable clicked. And when it did, that was it. That moment where the spotlight hits the disco ball in that magic way that makes the entire place glitter. The irreverence of the band, and their acclaimed live prowess, in some ways disguises a deeper heart, something that is explored beautifully across an album laden with awesome synths, a maturity in their ability to create exquisite beats, and also a sophisticated approach to crafting incredible pop songs that will pierce those giant sound systems in dark rooms, and the canvas of festival tents, and the smoke that fills someone’s gaff as an after party reaches that sweet spot.

We’ve been waiting for the next wave and it is in the face of a band called Le Galaxie!! Also on the bill expect to see Galway electronic wizard Daithi! Ó Drónaí was taught the traditional fiddle by his family whilst growing up in Ballyvaughan, County Clare. His Family, the Droney family, has a strong tradition of Traditional Irish music; his Grandfather is the well known concertina player Chris Droney In his teenage years he progressed to playing the bass guitar in bands such as Keepsake and The Shackletons. He further developed his fiddling skills by the use of loop pedals and sounds.

Tickets for this highly anticipated show at Garbos in Castlebar are now on sale and are available through Downtown Records and Hogs Heaven Bar in Castlebar! For further info visit finbarhobanpresents.com


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