An end to crime and corruption - Farrington

The primary duty of any government is to keep its people safe, yet, at present, many Irish citizens are living in fear as serious violence escalates across the country says Renua candidate for Mayo Michael Farrington. The candidate for next weeks election said that "The front pages of our newspapers are dominated by graphic images of violent and deadly crimes and, more recently, the funerals of some major Irish criminals, who believe that murder is an acceptable way to end a dispute. It is somewhat ironic that these criminals have no respect for the laws of this country and, no respect for the lives of the many innocent people their behaviour puts at risk, and yet they will have no trouble hiding behind our laws, demanding its protection and “their rights”.The attitude of the late Coalition towards criminality has been characterised by inactivity and apathy."

He went on to say that, "The decimation of the Garda in rural areas and the closure of many rural Garda stations is characteristic of their attitude. Our Garda, go out every day to protect us. They catch criminals, prosecute them in the courts, and then go out the following day to arrest them again, while the necessary reforms gather dust in the cellars of government buildings. This political inertia has been epitomised by the failure of the Department of Justice to appoint a permanent Secretary General for the last two years and, the failure to execute 37, 394 warrants across the country."

Speaking about his parties plans to deal with repeat offenders he said that, "At a time when Irish people are looking for leadership, there is none. RENUA Ireland is pledged to introduce a 'Three strikes and you’re out' rule for serious criminal offences resulting in a minimum mandatory sentence on the successful prosecution of the third offence. RENUA Ireland will direct the Law Reform Commission to identify and recommend the specific crimes that should be subject to the three strikes rule. Murder, rape, robbery, aggravated burglary, child sex abuse and serious acts of assault, are crimes we believe should be subject to this rule. We also intend to introduce legislation to provide that a judge may recommend a minimum term to be served by an offender. If such a recommendation is not made, then the court must order that the terms of early release must not apply to the offender."

He concluded saying "There is no doubt that Ireland will not fulfil its potential until we have eradicated all forms of corrupt and criminal behaviour within our state organisations and institutions. I am determined that I will play my part for Mayo if I am voted into office."



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