Motivation Weight Management: 2015 weight loss winners share their success stories

With 2016 here, Irish people are looking at New Year’s resolutions of the weight loss, smoking, financial or life change variety.

The results of a New Years Resolution Survey conducted by Ipsos MRBI on behalf of Motivation Weight Management at the beginning of 2015 confirmed that Irish people continue to make new year's resolutions. When asked if they planned to make a resolution for 2015, 49 per cent of Irish people claimed they would.

The poll revealed weight loss and leading a healthier lifestyle to be the number one resolutions, with 28 per cent vowing to shed pounds and be healthier. A further 21 per cent vowed to get fit, 18 per cent aimed to give up smoking, seven per cent wanted to be better with money, and four per cent vowed to further their career.

Motivation Weight Management works with thousands of Irish people each year to help them keep their resolutions. Rita Flannery is someone who knows all about the help Motivation Weight Management gives. In 2015 she lost six stone and in doing so managed to save herself €10,000 by avoiding having her stomach stapled.

Rita Flannery’s weight had increased since having children, reaching more than 19 stone by 2014. Her GP prescribed blood pressure and cholesterol medication and advised her to consider bariatric surgery. “My family was completely against me having surgery and it was my husband Michael who convinced me to go the better route with Motivation Weight Management," she says.

"I joined the programme at the beginning of 2015 and one year later I’m six stone lighter without going near the knife. I’m so proud of what I’ve achieved and I’ve even managed to keep up my social life, never missing one night out. I can now walk through a restaurant without getting caught between the chairs. I have a new lease of life.”

Aisling Connolly of Motivation Weight Management says: “January is the time of year when people come to us hoping to achieve their goal of getting their weight down and keeping it there. Those who get to grips with the mental side of things by tackling willpower and motivation are the most successful at keeping their weight loss resolution.”

To find out more about the Motivation Weight Management approach visit or call any of its clincs in Castlebar, Westport, Sligo, Letterkenny, and Buncrana on (1890 ) 989895.


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