Asthma and respiratory relief with Care Cure acupuncture

From a traditional Chinese medicine standpoint asthma is the direct result of a deficiency in the lung meridian (channel ). Once this lung energy becomes blocked, the chi (vital energy ) becomes unstable and triggers an immune system response restricting both inhalation and exhalation. This is accompanied by wheezing and sometimes a cough.

Specialists at Care Cure acupuncture clinics clearly differentiate between actual asthma attacks and the periods before attacks. Acupuncture can have a remarkable effect of stopping an asthma attack, and many Care Cure patients experience immediate relief after an acupuncture treatment, feeling that the airway blockage was simply removed. 

Stimulation of acupoints can also relieve both physical and emotional stress. The patient can therefore experience both a physical release from bronchial restriction and also an emotional release from the fear of suffocation. 

According to acupuncture theory asthma can have five causative syndromes:

Retention of cold fluid in the lungs.

Retention of phlegm – heat in the lungs.

Weakness of spleen and lung chi.

Weakness of lung and kidney yin.

Weakness of heart and kidney yang.

An initial free consultation with a practitioner will determine which syndrome the patient has and, depending on the findings, a course of treatment will be recommended.

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