Mayo nutritionist to speak at Ireland's biggest wellbeing event

A Mayo nutritionist will reveal the secrets to postponing the ageing process when she appears at Ireland’s biggest wellbeing event, the Mind, Body, Spirit and Yoga Festival in the RDS, Dublin, from tomorrow, October 24, to Sunday October 26. Colleen Kennedy promises to grab the attention of all those who wish to defy getting older when she gives a talk at the festival about ageing at a cellular level. The Westport herbalist and naturopath, who runs the Body and Mind Health Centre in the town, has based her presentation on countries which have the highest number of centenarians with a high quality of life. 

“Some factors increase the ageing process and some postpone it. There’s a range of issues from food to environmental toxicity,” she said. “Few people realise that barbecue, burnt food, and food cooked at too high temperatures can damage our cellular structure, as well as sugar and processed foods.

“In Ireland, obesity, cancer, and diabetes rates are all on the increase and we need to address these issues. We need to ingest a bigger plant based diet. At the festival, I’ll also be speaking about the importance of antioxidants and free radicals,” she added.

In her work as a herbalist, Colleen Kennedy also believes that “we are now living in a time when people are remembering their connection to the plant world and the great benefit of a harmonious relationship with nature on this planet.

"The use of plants as medicine is a part of our birth right. Over 80 per cent of our world population use plants as their primary healthcare,” she said.

The event will feature 150 exhibitors and over 75 life-enhancing talks and workshops from positive psychology and personal development experts on topics as diverse as the science behind self-esteem, to how past lives can contribute to current traumas.

"People can look forward to a truly stimulating, vibrant and potentially life-changing experience at Mind, Body, Spirit,” said festival organiser Louis O’Sullivan. The festival hosts an amazing spectrum of holistic and complementary practitioners with more than 150 stands offering the chance to discover everything from Reiki and reflexology, to massage, meditation, bio-energy healing, angels, aromatherapy, crystals, chakra tools, Tibetan bowls, yoga therapy, and more. The live stage will be buzzing with free entertainment as a lively mix of 45 performances including music, dance, drumming, and yoga demonstrations, take place over the three day event. For more information or to book online see


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