Brilliant children's theatre comes to Castlebar

Branar Theatre specialises in children's theatre for the very young where often language is not the most important tool to convey the story. Their work is precisely crafted to tell the story succinctly for the eyes and ears of young children, while introducing them to an amazing, awe-inspiring, work of live theatre. The group will be bringing their show Bláth/The Flower to the Linenhall Arts Centre next Monday, October 26. 

Branar will bring to life their incredibly beautiful stage adaptation of John Light’s and illustrator Lisa Evans’ children’s book, Bláth/The Flower.Set in a world hued with its own decidedly dull greyish colour, and where plants are no longer present, a young boy finds a magical book which changes his life and outlook forever. Seeing flowers for the very first time, they fill him with immediate joy looking at these wondrous and colourful pictures. This awe inspired feeling becomes a bitter-sweet mix of emotions as he also feels sad because there are no flowers in the city where he lives. As he makes all these many new discoveries, soon later he unearths a packet of flower seeds in a junk shop tucked away in the old part of town. With the help of the shopkeeper, he learns how to grow and nurture his own flower to life, transforming the world he knows as if by magic.

Bláth is a non-verbal show that will enchant audiences as they enter a world made entirely of paper designed by artist Maeve Clancy – Maeve now features on the Irish Theatre Institute year of design site for her beautiful work on the Bláth set. Combining puppetry, object theatre, and original music score by Irish musician Colm Mac Con Iomaire (The Frames ) - Colm has a track called Bláth on his new album Anois an Aimsir / And now the weather, which is an album version of one of the songs from the soundtrack of the show. Bláth promises to be a show that will be at times wistful, full of amazement and happiness – engaging its young audience members’ minds forever. This show is approximately 40 minutes long.


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