Dawn Meats’ inaugural Health Week kicks off at Mayo plants

Management and staff at Dawn Meats in Ballyhaunis launch the companies new Health Week campaign.

Management and staff at Dawn Meats in Ballyhaunis launch the companies new Health Week campaign.

Dawn Meats, the premium supplier of choice to supermarket, food service, and restaurant businesses, last week launched its inaugural Health Week at its Mayo plants. Health Week is just one of the campaigns that will run in the coming months as part of Dawn Meats’ Work Safe, Think Well initiative to increase the awareness of health and safety across its network of seven locations in Ireland.

Throughout the week, employees will be provided with a wide range of information on different health issues, which will equip them to make informed decisions and choices on health and lifestyle, benefitting themselves and their families.

Commenting on Health Week, Dawn Meats' CEO Niall Browne said: “People today are living longer lives than ever before, but health and longevity depend on having the information to make the right choices. During Health Week we’ll work to equip our employees with the knowledge they need to make these choices, both through onsite health clinics and a wide ranging information campaign. Through some very simple steps we believe everyone can take actions that will make them healthier and happier.”

The overarching theme of the week is heart health and the associated illnesses that can affect the heart, and each day will focus on a specific element; including exercise and hydration; healthy eating and weight loss; diabetes awareness; and the effects of smoking and alcohol on heart health. 

Each Dawn Meats plant will provide free fruit and bottled water plus healthy eating options on canteen menus throughout the week along with a range of health clinics to check BMI, cholesterol, and blood pressure. Fact sheets will also be shared throughout the week providing clear, easy to understand, information on increasing your physical activity, balancing your diet, monitoring your blood pressure and cholesterol, and understanding the causes and symptoms of events such as heart attacks and stroke.


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