US market entry advice for Irish businesses event in Mayo

If you are in business, you are always looking to expand and grow. You know that only new customers and new markets grow businesses. The United States is the world’s largest and most dynamic economy. It has a GDP above $14 trillion meaning there is no bigger, more bountiful, nut for companies to crack.  

Today, Friday October 9, Inc60 will hold an event in association with to assist all types of companies thinking of entering the US market. The Inc60 US market entry advice for Irish businesses event takes place at the GMIT Innovation in Business Centre (IiBC ) in Castlebar. It is a 60 minute lunchtime event followed by refreshments and networking. The session is free to attend and commences at 1pm sharp. Booking is required as this event is strictly limited. For further information or to reserve your place, visit  

This event is the first in a series of Inc60 events on doing business in America. It will be held in partnership with Mayo County Council to celebrate the launch of its new Ireland West International Trade Centre in Rhode Island. This exciting venture has been led by Mayo County Council in collaboration with Ireland West Airport Knock, and local enterprise offices and county councils from across the west of Ireland. It will serve as a soft landing platform for business, entrepreneurs, and creative individuals to explore the US east coast markets in Boston, New York, and Rhode Island. The centre includes hot desking space, office space, exhibition space, and a conference room. The project hasreceived strong support from the Irish Diaspora in the northeastern United States.

Participating companies and business people will receive expert guidance and learn how to investigate the US market as a viable business proposition. The United States is enormous, ranking as the third largest country in the world by landmass and population. Going in without pre-planning, without knowing your market or knowing if there is a market for your product, will leave you — as the locals say — whistling dixie. Your resources will quickly disappear into the vast cultural milieu that thunders around you.

This event will be led by Susan Stipa, president of McDay LLC, a Philadelphia based marketing communications services firm. Ms Stipa will be joined for a live Q and A session by Bill McLaughlin, founder and chairman emeritus of the Irish American Business Chamber and Network in Philadelphia. Susan Stipa has 20 years’ experience in pharmaceutical, technology, financial services, and healthcare related industries. She couples a chemical engineering background with a creative mind to carve out a unique offering at McDay LLC. She articulates strategy, simplifies complexity, and frames branding/outreach for leading companies in technology, life sciences, engineering, and finance.

Bill McLaughlin is president of McLaughlin and Morgan Inc, a company dedicated to offering a full spectrum of business development services with a particular interest in assisting American companies entering the European market through Ireland, and Irish companies entering the US markets.


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