Clarke and Cunniffe touch and go for semi-final

GAA: News

Mayo goalkeeper David Clarke will be touch and go to make the All Ireland semi-final against Dublin at the end of the month. Mayo GAA PRO Aiden McLouughlin confirmed to the Mayo Advertiser last night hat Clarke who picked up a groin injury is  "working hard at the minute but it's hard to say if he will be out or not yet, will be touch and go."

Tom Cunniffe who also had to go off injured with a hamstring injury is in a similar situation with McLoughlin saying "it's early days yet so we will probably know more next week as how it is reacting to the treatment. As for the red card picked up by Kevin Keane at the tail end of Mayo's win over Donegal, Mayo have sought to appeal the card and hearing on the matter will be heard next week, he also confirmed.


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