Pauline Cawley's five habits for healthy skin

Award-winning skin expert Pauline Cawley is just back from the prestigious International Institute of Anti Ageing awards in London. 

She offers specialist consultations to help her clients to get the best possible results from their skin treatments. 

Here are her top five habits that every woman should strive towards for healthy skin.

Protection, protection, protection

Become sun-wise by wearing protective clothing, using a broad spectrum sun protection cream, and staying out of the sun between 10am and 3pm. Environ's RAD SF 15 contains sun filters that provide protection from both UVA and UVB rays. 

Don't worry, be happy

Stress and anxiety can cause accelerated free-radical activity and restricted blood and oxygen flow to the cells - which all adds up to skin damage. Try multi-beneficial activities to ease stress and anxiety, such as yoga, dancing, and walking.

Where there's smoke, there are wrinkles

Aside from those tell-tale lines around your mouth, smoking robs the skin of oxygen and precious vitamin C, doubling the rate at which you age.

Sleep well

Sleep is the foundation of your wellbeing. Human growth hormone is released to revitalise your body and regenerate cells during sleep. The way you sleep also determines your wrinkle pattern. If you favour one side, your face may end up more pleated on that side.

Eat well

Your fork could be your best weapon against skin ageing. Think of it as a 'two pronged attack'. Skin creams work on the surface but your diet tackles the task from the inside. 

Eating the right foods gives the skin the nutrients it needs to be healthier, brighter, smoother, and, dare we say it, less wrinkled. Some of the top beauty foods are: anti-oxidant rich berries; broccoli; butternut; dark-leafed greens; oatmeal (slow cooked, not instant ); essential fatty and acid rich olive oil; salmon; soy; and last but not least, water.

For more information on beauty advice and treatments available, contact Pauline Cawley's Beauty Clinic on (094 ) 902 5007.


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