35-year wait for water in Richmond goes on

The long running wait for a proper water scheme for the 82 households in Richmond, just outside Crossmolina, continues to rumble on. Fianna Fáil councillor Michael Loftus again raised the issue of the lack of a water scheme at Wednesday's meeting of the Ballina Municipal District, as to where it stands.

Speaking to the Mayo Advertiser after the meeting, Cllr Loftus said: "There are 82 households in Richmond in this day and age who don't have running water. It's just not fair. These people are linking into their own wells and lakes to get water into their houses, it's just not on. They have been trying for 35 years to get something in place and they have done everything right, they've raised money, they've even gone as far as getting a site for a pumping station, but something just holds it up at the end and it's not fair. Last year Mayo got €2.7 million for group water schemes, the highest amount in the country and still, these people are left waiting."

Cllr Loftus went on to explain that this is something that he has been trying to get resolved for several years. "When I ran in 2009 for the local elections, this was something that I was working on. When I was elected last year, the very first door I visited after I left the first meeting of the council was the office that deals with group water schemes and I've been there numerous times since. The people have been told to wait and wait and it will come, but they are tired of waiting. Something needs to be done at this stage, these people would be happy to pay for water just as long as they just have it."


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