Queen of England ‘touched’ by Mayo turf gift

A sod of turf from Mayo has warmed the Queen of England’s heart.

Angela Burke, the enterprising woman behind a quirky gift idea which packages little pieces of peat into gifts, did not expect to hear anything more about it when she sent one of her products to Queen Elizabeth II as a Christmas present.

But the entrepreneur was thrilled recently to receive a letter of thanks for the gift from the Queen bearing the official Buckingham Palace seal.

“It was signed by a lady in waiting,” said Ms Burke. “She said the Queen was touched by the gesture, and I have to say I was really surprised and pleased to get the letter.”

Ms Burke is the owner of a business called Greenway Gifts and ‘Angela’s Auld Sod’ is her latest product.

It is a gift wrapped piece of Mayo turf which can be delivered anywhere around the world.

“It reminds people everywhere about Ireland and Irish things,” said Ms Burke.

“I remembered how much the Queen had enjoyed her visit to Ireland, and it struck me that she might appreciate a reminder of it, so I wrote her a little note and sent ‘Angela's Auld Sod’ off as a Christmas present for her. I thought that would be the end of it,” she explained.

Angela Burke is no stranger to celebrity endorsement - her Greenway Gifts products have previously been presented to President Barack Obama and President Michael D Higgins.

Ms Burke said she is thrilled with this latest thumbs-up for her gifts.


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