Successful laser hair removal is about choosing the right type of treatment

Laser hair removal is a big step - and a big investment.

But what happens if you don’t get the results you anticipated?

According to Sandra Beardshall, owner and manager, at Northwest Laser Clinic, one of the leading providers of laser hair removal treatments in the region, it is all about choosing the right type of treatment.

“There are so many different laser systems available and they all claim to work,” explained Ms Beardshall.

“This type of treatment can be costly and you want to know that you are making the right choice. We have heard stories from some of our clients who have spent their hard earned cash but find that they are not getting the results they wanted.

“Successful laser hair removal is all down to the type and quality of the equipment and the skill of the therapist using it.”

Ms Beardshall, who has 25 years of experience in hair removal treatment, said Northwest Laser Clinic offers free consultations and a patch test to its clients for its Candela laser, which she describes as “the best laser ever developed for hair removal”.

Before bringing the system to Ballina, Ms Beardshall travelled to clinics in Ireland and the UK to see the Candela laser in operation and she spoke to therapists and clients at the clinics, who rely on its effectiveness.

Ms Beardshall says she has not looked back since.


“We installed the system a few months ago and we are achieving superb results,” she outlined.

“Our clients, some of whom have had unsuccessful treatment before, can’t believe that they are getting better results after just one or two Candela appointments than they did with entire courses taken elsewhere with other types of lasers.

“Also, because they experienced a lot of discomfort with other systems, they are very happy that due to the cryonic skin cooling system, unique to Candela, they find the treatment so comfortable.”

Ms Beardshall said winter and spring are the best times to have laser hair removal

“Skin pigmentation levels are at their lowest, and the laser can target the melanin in the hair successfully.

“If anyone is considering laser hair removal, our advice is to do as much research online as possible.”

For more information on Candela hair removal treatment at North West Laser Clinic, contact Sandra Beardshall at (096 ) 70487 or visit


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