In last week’s issue of the Mayo Advertiser (January 16, 2015 ) on page two we carried a story titled “Confusion in council chamber over vote on Irish Water motion.” Due to an editorial error, we failed to include a second amendment to the motion referred to in the article put forward by Cllr Lisa Chambers. We repeated the initial amendment put forward by Cllr Al McDonnell by error and attributed it to Cllr Chambers.

What Cllr Chambers said at the meeting was: “In relation to the amendment proposed by Cllr McDonnell to the proposal put forward by Cllr Rose Conway Walsh in my view does not adequately reflect the concerns of he citizens that I have spoken to. For me the issue that seems to have arisen and I think we’re all in agreement, is that we are all fearful of privatisation, that some company will come in and buy our water supply and buy our water services and start charging people though the nose. I think we’re all on the same page when it comes to that. I don’t want to see that, I don’t think anybody else wants to see that.”

She continued: “Privatisation is something that needs to be addressed in this motion, there is no reference to a constitutional amendment to protect the water services of this country. So in addition to the amendment proposed by Cllr McDonnell, I wish to make an addition to that, ‘that this council calls on the Government to refer the matter to the Constitutional Convention to consider an amendment to Bunreacht na hEireann, our Constitution, to provide constitutional protection to Ireland’s water supply and ensure that it will remain in the ownership of the Irish people into the future.’ I think that amendment is crucial and it will be acceptable to all here and I would ask them to do that.”

We are happy to clarify this matter.


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