Bio-energy therapy on Achill Island

Bio-energy therapy is a complimentary healing method which energises the body, balances the bio-field and stimulates the immune system through hands-on healing.

Bio-energy therapy is a holistic treatment, which means that practitioners treat the body as a whole and attempt to restore balance in the whole system.

The healing session is a very pleasant experience. What the patient notices first is deep relaxation. During a session the patient sits comfortably on a chair or lies on a massage bed, fully dressed at all times.

The first part of the session is devoted to relaxing the body so that it can start healing itself. They then work on the ailing part of the body.

In most cases, a positive change is experienced after just one session although, in more serious or chronic conditions, and for a longer-lasting effect, a four-session treatment is usually required.

The most common ailments where good results are recorded involve back and shoulder pain, pulled muscles, trapped nerves and any other neurological conditions, for example, hands getting numb.

Bio-energy therapy can provide great help in digestive issues, such as Crohn’s disease. It can also address anxiety, depression, headaches and insomnia.

Tissue regeneration and rejuvenating properties of bio-energy are used to increase sports performance and in rejuvenation treatments.

Achill Bio-Energy is available seven days a week on Achill Island and regular clinics are run in Newport Hotel and Mulranny Park Hotel.

They also offer distant healing over Skype or phone.

For appointments, telephone (087 ) 936 20 97 or for further information visit


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