Work continues on route selection for Grid West Project

Grid West is currently continuing its work in looking at both overground and underground route options for the infrastructure project.

Initially last October, EirGrid published a one kilometre wide corridor running from north Mayo to Flagford in Roscommon and commenced studies and engagement with landowners within the corridor with a view to identifying the best line route option for the project.

In two localised areas (north-east of Foxford and south-east of Ballaghaderreen ), further studies and feedback on the initial line route have led EirGrid to alter the corridor published in October, so as to facilitate investigation of alternative line routes which, studies to date indicate, may have less impact overall on residential properties in the areas concerned.

Later this year, EirGrid’s analysis of the underground and overhead options for the project will be reviewed by the independent expert panel appointed by the Minister for Communications, Energy, and Natural Resources to provide reassurance to the public that all options are being looked at in a fair, objective, and comparable way.

Work on both options is being advanced in line with the terms of reference set by the panel. Detailed maps of the localised corridor alterations can be seen on the project’s website, or at the project’s information offices in Ballina and Ballaghaderreen.


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