Applying for your driver CPC card

Drivers with ‘acquired rights’ are required to complete one day of periodic training per year in each five year training cycle (35 hours ) before qualifying for their CPC card. When all five training days have been completed (six if you hold both bus and truck categories ) qualified drivers can apply for their CPC card by either method listed below:

Drivers who have a digital tachograph card can give permission to the RSA to use their image and signature from their digital tachograph card for their driver qualification card. These drivers will receive their CPC cards by Wednesday, September 10.

Drivers wishing to avail of this should text the following information to 51444 ‘Driver number’ <space> ‘Y’ <space> ‘surname’ (please ensure to follow this format and to insert the space in between each item ). Alternatively you can log on to the ‘MYCPC’ portal at and tick the highlighted box to give your approval to the RSA to use your information.

Drivers that do not have a digital tachograph card will need to complete a driver qualification card application form and return it to the Driver Education Unit in the RSA with a passport photograph (drivers with a non-Irish licence will also need to send a photocopy of licence with the application ). Application forms are available from Prestige Skills Training Venues, Log onto for a list of training venues to pick up your driver qualification card application form or simply call Michelle on (087 ) 7950282.


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