Shell to Sea hopes for New Year fresh thinking

As a new year dawns Shell to Sea is hoping it will bring some fresh thinking and has urged both the Government and Shell to halt what they term the “ill-conceived” Corrib gas project until such time as the concerns of the local community have been adequately dealt with.

Shell to Sea have stressed that they are also hoping that the current economic problems in Ireland will re-focus minds on the “giveaway gas deal”, which they say sees the oil and gas companies gifted one of the most favourable deals in the world.

Shell to Sea spokesperson Maura Harrington stated: “The recent article in the Oil and Gas Journal illustrates that even though Shell seem to be saying there is no big problems, in reality this project has hit major roadblocks. The most significant of these roadblocks is that this project doesn't have the consent of the receiving community.

“I would hope that the New Year would also bring some clearer thinking from our Government, that in this time of great economic need, they would revisit the giveaway gas deal,” she added. “When you have Shell posting a 71 per cent increase in their third quarter profits while the Irish economy goes from bad to worse, it is becoming too obvious to continue with the giveaway deal which was put in place by Ray Burke and Bertie Ahern.”


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