Jaw disfunction can cause serious discomfort and pain

Massage therapy is effective in treating TMD

Headaches, exaggerated curvature of the neck, tooth grinding, poor digestion, muscle locking, blocked sinuses and misaligned bite, not to mention pain and discomfort — it may surprise many to learn that all of these symptoms and more can arise from jaw disfunction.

TMD (temporo-mandibular joint disfunction ) is the misalignment and discomfort of the jaw and supporting muscles and is a common problem presenting among patients at the Ishsko Centre in Westport, according to therapist Robyne Igra, holistic massage therapist, ITEC LMT.   

The problem arises when jaw function becomes disturbed through chronic muscle tension, stress, injury or poor bite, and can present itself as bruxism (pathological clenching of the jaw and teeth ), often causing ‘clicking’ or popping of the joint and hypertension of the muscles.

“Prolonged disfunction of the jaw can have a domino effect on the alignment of the spine, hips, knees and feet,” said Ms Igra. “This is because the muscles have to do overtime to compensate for the disfunction.”

Massage therapy can be very effective in addressing the problem.

“Massage therapy is highly beneficial in releasing the stored tension and improving the body’s natural function,” she explained.

“Massage clients can experience great improvement by using personalised relaxation and muscle rehabilitation treatment.” Therapists at the Ishsko Centre work in an holistic manner by treating the patient as a whole; combining personalised massage sessions with infra-red light therapy and exercise programmes.

“From this TMD programme our clients have experienced increased mobility of the head and neck; better sleep pattern, reduction or relief of headaches and improved posture and digestion.  The overall effect can uplift, improve and rejuvenate emotional and physical well-being.”

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