Novel egg campaign for Easter road safety

The Mayo Advertiser has joined forces with Mayo County Council's road safety officer and Helena Chocolates to launch a sweet tasting road safety campaign ahead of Easter.

Members of the public are being asked to come up with a road safety slogan and the winner will receive an Easter egg personalised with his/her slogan from artisan chocolate maker Helena Chocolates.

Noel Gibbons, road safety officer with Mayo County Council, said this campaign aims to educate road users about the need to be courteous, take care, and have common-sense when travelling over the busy Easter weekend.

“This year we’ve designed a special motif for the campaign, illustrating how fragile we are on the roads,” explained Mr Gibbons. “We’ve used eggs to tie in with the Easter season, because it demonstrates how human life is just as delicate.

“This campaign calls on the community to slow down, not to use the mobile phone while driving, do not drink and drive, wear seatbelts, and ensure children are properly restrained, while also taking breaks to avoid fatigue while travelling.

“Easter is a peak time when families travel to holiday destinations and it’s important for everyone to acknowledge the issue of road safety and the impact of road trauma.

“Getting involved in this campaign and helping to spread the word could just save someone’s life.”



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