Migraine and headache relief with Care Cure Acupuncture

Most types of head pain are classified as tension, chronic, or migraine headaches. Chronic headaches occur every day, whereas migraine headaches are usually one-sided and moderate or severe in intensity. However no matter what the category, the pain of ongoing headaches can impact every aspect of life and cause emotional stress to the sufferer.

Recent studies have shown that acupuncture in combination with Chinese herbal medicine can be effective in decreasing the number of migraine and tension headaches and preventing further attacks. Care Cure Acupuncture uses these therapies without resorting to prescription drugs or over-the-counter medications that often have side effects.

Before the practitioner decides on a treatment, you can avail of a free consultation in which you will be asked the following questions:

Is your headache located behind your eyes and temples?

Does the headache get worse at night, morning, or after eating?

Is the pain dull, sharp, or severe in intensity?

Is the pain sensitive to the light?

The answers to these questions will help the practitioner to select the correct acupuncture points for you. Acupuncture points selected, your practitioner will then insert painless disposable needles into your body to decrease pain, and increase circulation and blood flow.

So why suffer one day more? Make an appointment for a free, no obligation, consultation today. Care Cure Clinics are located in Galway, Loughrea, and Tuam. Call 086 0695397 for details.

Care Cure specialises in acupuncture, acupressure, reflexology, and more.


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