The Jerry Fish Electric Sideshow stops off in Castlebar

There’s a tendency for the word ‘unique’ to be bandied around a little too freely in music circles, but that is the only way to describe Jerry Fish’s genre bending style. Jerry’s live shows have been known to transform sedate tux ‘n’ frock audiences into Roman galley slaves rowing their way through ‘The Hole In the Boat’, or ballroom-of-romancers slow-dancing to ‘Back To Before’, or swampy block parties gyrating to bacchanalian classics like ‘Celebrate’.

His music has been described as “Lounge Lizard Schmooze” and “Punk Latino” and his latest single 'Barefoot $ Free' has been compared to The Cramps, The Stooges, and John Spencer Blues Explosion. Now in cahoots with drummer Jeremy Hickey, aka RSAG, with a new sound and music collective Jerry Fish's distinct love of circus, carnival, and street theatre has borne fruit in the shape of The Jerry Fish Electric Sideshow. The show will be stopping off in Castlebar next Thursday night in the Linenhall Arts Centre at 8pm as part of his nation-wide tour.


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