Reconstruction for Mayo lighthouse

A challenging lighthouse redevelopment project has been completed on one of the most testing sites on the Irish Atlantic coast. The Commissioners of Irish Lights (CIL ) has completed a reconstruction and modernisation project at Eagle Island Lighthouse in Mayo, a landmark lighthouse safeguarding Ireland’s northwest coast.

This demanding project on Eagle Island consisted of the replacement of the entire upper part of the lighthouse structure, using a helicopter. This is one of the most challenging construction projects undertaken by CIL in recent years.

Captain Robert McCabe, director of the operations and navigation services with CIL, said: “Eagle Island lighthouse stands 220 feet above the Atlantic Ocean, yet over the years waves from winter storms have damaged buildings and equipment in the walled lighthouse compound. Eagle Island lighthouse must provide a reliable and effective aid to navigation in extreme conditions because it is, at these times, when mariners most require CIL aids. The new light on Eagle Island will provide a high quality, highly reliable, 18 mile LED light and, for the first time, an automatic identification system. The solar battery system will remove the requirement for diesel generation with consequent environmental benefits and maintenance savings.”

Commenting on the success of this unique construction challenge, Captain Robert McCabe stated: “The CIL team who delivered this complex project have demonstrated exceptional engineering, planning, and construction skills, and made a positive contribution to safety at sea and the marine environment.”


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