All-new BMW 4 Series

BMW has just launched its stylish 4-Series. It replaces the the 3-Series coupe and the entry-level 420d SE kicks-off at €46,320 on the road.

The first thing you note when you sit behind the wheel is that there is a great driving position and it has a spacious feel to it.

Standard specification on the new 4-Series includes Xenon lights, Dakota leather upholstery; with heated seats; a multi-function sport leather steering wheel; and parking assist.

For €2,250 more, you can have the 'Sport' version, which adds sport seats, high-gloss black interior trim, and 18 inch sports alloys enhance the exterior. At the same price level, you can opt for the 'Modern' level, which basically substitutes the Pearl Dark interior trim for the high-gloss in the sports version.

The next level is the 'Luxury', which runs to €3,750 above the standard spec. This buys you 18 inch luxury (as opposed to sport ) alloys, anthracite interior trim, and the media package.

And finally to really make you agonize over which 4-Series is really you, there is another option. The M Sport, which sells for €4,500 above the standard version, buys you another wheels option including different 18 inch M Sport alloys; an aerodynamic body-styling kit; an M Sport suspension; aluminium hexagon interior trim; and the media package.

In addition to the 420d, there are also 428i and 435i petrol versions. There are more engine options on the way early next year, and all are turbocharged and auto start-stop is standard.

And there will be a 420i xDrive, which is all-wheel drive for €2,250 extra, instead of the standard rear-wheel drive, and a 420d xDrive, 430dA and a 435dA xDrive are also some of the possible options.

Not many people realize that all-wheel drive is a brilliant active safety (road-holding ) feature for everyday driving. You get more traction and grip, especially when cornering in wet conditions, and in the winter frosts and odd very severe snowy patches it really comes into its own.

The money is on the 420d to be the big seller here and BMW Ireland says it expects there to be more than 100 sales next year.


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