Campbell to resign council seat in January

Sinn Féin’s sole member on Castlebar Town Council, Councillor Noel Campbell, is to resign his seat after the authority’s January monthly meeting.

Councillor Campbell formally notified Castlebar Town Clerk, Marie Crowley, of his intentions in a letter this week. Councillor Campbell, who is Sinn Féin’s first elected member on the council, was informed earlier this year that his position as an elected representative was unsustainable while he holds his current full-time employment with the National Museum of Ireland.

Speaking of his impending resignation, Councillor Campbell said: “I am very disappointed that this is the way I have to leave my council seat but my hand has been forced. My full-time employment and my local authority position legally clash and so I must choose between the two. As the council position is only part time I am forced to hold on to my full-time employment.

“Outside political interference in my personal life has not helped what has been a difficult decision for me. I am very proud to have been elected by the people of Castlebar. I have always considered it an honour and have always done my best for my home town. I intend to comment further at my last meeting.”

Castlebar’s town clerk will now write to Sinn Féin’s head office in Dublin to notify the party that it will have a vacant seat to fill following Castlebar Town Council’s statutory meeting in January.



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