Learn more about arthritis at public information meeting

People can learn more about a condition which affects 25,000 people in Mayo at an information talk being held in the city next week.

The event, which is being organised by Arthritis Ireland, will discuss both the surgical and conservative treatment options available for people suffering from this severely debilitating condition. It will take place on Wednesday October 9 at the Connacht Hotel at 7.30pm.

It will feature a number of expert speakers, including orthopaedic surgeon Mr Derek Bennett and chartered physiotherapist Sarah Kavanagh.

Arthritis attacks the joints and causes pain, inflammation and sometimes permanent deformity, making even the most basic of everyday tasks, like brushing teeth, getting dressed or making a cup of tea, a struggle.

Arthritis Ireland is keen to help people to understand that there is a variety of treatment options available that can make a major difference to how they live with this disease.

Grainne O’Leary, the head of education and support services at Arthritis Ireland, explains that arthritis affects people for their entire lives.

“But that doesn’t mean that it has to be a life sentence,” she says. “There is a lot that people can do to manage the symptoms of their condition and the treatment options have vastly improved in recent years. Galway people living with arthritis will get a chance to hear all about the options available to them at this information talk.”

The condition affects one in five people in Ireland - 915,000 people nationwide. There are more than 100 different types of arthritis and these can affect people of all ages from babies and toddlers to those in their adult years. Sixty per cent of people with arthritis are aged under 65 years.

Arthritis Ireland says little things can make a big difference to a person with arthritis. Difficulty with the making a cup of tea, getting dressed or opening the front door can all add up to have a big impact on a person’s quality of life.

“At Arthritis Ireland we understand this. That is why we are Ireland’s only organisation working singlemindedly to transform the experience of people living with arthritis and those who care for them. Every day, we work in communities across the country providing community based education programmes to help people effectively manage and control this devastating disease. We actively drive grassroots advocacy so that the voice of people with arthritis is heard and understood and we work with the medical community to control and cure arthritis.”

For further details on the information talk or to register visit www.arthritisireland.ie or call 1890 252 846.


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