A change of diet can improve your health

Antibiotics are being over-used to treat many forms of chronic illness in Ireland, which could be simply improved by a change in diet; a situation which, significantly, is contributing to the dangerous rise in antibiotic resistant infection like MRSA and ESBL.

These claims were made today by Martin Healy, director of Dublin’s Fitzwilliam FoodTEST~clinic, who has worked in the specialist area of food intolerance for 30 years. Mr Healy was speaking at the launch of his book, Could Food Intolerance Cause your Illness?, which explains how food intolerance is often responsible for common recurring medical conditions like irritable bowel, asthma, chest infections, arthritis, migraine, bladder and kidney infection, and cystitis.

According to the clinic director, when people have a food intolerance, problematic foods enter the gut undigested, and interact with normal intestinal bacteria producing harmful toxins, and resulting in uncomfortable symptoms like bloating, IBS, and reflux.

The fact that large numbers of people with food intolerance are not actually aware of it, means they fail to associate other health problems with the foods they regularly eat

“The medicines bill to the HSE could be hugely reduced. A food intolerance test, detecting and eliminating foods the body cannot tolerate, is the simple solution to a dramatic health recovery for many people.”

Martin Healy’s book, Could Food Intolerance Cause your Illness? is available from Dunnes Stores, nationwide, priced at €4.99.


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