Westport businesswoman addresses Young Fine Gael about job creation

Westport entrepreneurship expert and media commentator Olwen Dawe was one of four guest speakers at a Young Fine Gael seminar entitled Job Creation Creates Ireland’s Future at the Garret FitzGerald Summer School in Kilkenny last weekend.

This year was the biggest summer school ever held by Young Fine Gael and the seminar played a major part in that.

According to Fine Gael’s national youth officer Sarah O’Connor attendees are still talking about the ideas raised during the seminar and how they feed into their own ideas on job creation.

The seminar was chaired by Minister Phil Hogan. Ms Dawe, of Irish Business Intelligence was joined by Vincent Cleary, Glenisk; Jim Power, economist; and Sean Kyne, TD.

The speakers offered their thoughts and expertise on job creation and entrepreneurship, talking practically about their vision for improved job creation and how their experiences can feed into job creation policy. Areas such as entrepreneurship among young people, the role of the Government in job creation, the success of the Jobs Action Plan, how to create more jobs in food production, and what the economy needs most to foster job creation were addressed.

“Entrepreneurship and the development of SME potential is central to Ireland’s economic recovery – while traditionally FDI (Foreign Direct Investment ) companies have driven economic growth, Ireland’s natural entrepreneurial and creative talent has really come to the fore of late – and further growth across this sector will make a defining contribution to recovery, stability and growth,:” said Ms Dawe.


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