Will I or won’t I write a will?

Taking measures to secure our future is so important but what happens to it then?

No one can predict the future but we can make things simpler by planning. We plan for everything in our lives – holidays, weddings, christenings, and parties. And through all these events we collect memories, belongings and possessions which mean something to us and a lot of the time get forgotten about.

If you’re aged 18 or 80 you have something you care about. Whether you have a car, jewellery, a pet or even a sentimental ornament then shouldn’t it go to a good home when you can’t take care of it. Will writing is something that everyone should do but how many of us have.

It’s never too early to write a will and most people have thought of it at some stage but just didn’t know where to start. Let Lynda Lenehan from Bambury & Company Solicitors, Castlebar guide you through the fundamentals of putting together a will. It doesn’t have to something morbid or something to be scared about, it’s just writing down what you care about in the world so someone else knows.

Take the first step to learning how to decide the destiny of your assets at the JCI Mayo open meeting on Thursday, July 25 in the Harlequin Hotel from 6.30pm to 9pm. Check out the JCI Mayo Facebook page to register for this free seminar.

JCI Mayo is part of an international organisation aimed at attracting members aged 18 to 40 focusing on leadership, entrepreneurship and active citizenship. The organisation has a strong focus on developing young leaders by involving them in the running of many worthwhile projects which add to and enhance community life in Mayo. This event will help you to understand the value of JCI membership for you and provide you with some insight into how you can become an active member.


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