Ishsko’s child dental prevention programme

Did you know that from birth your baby’s teeth are already developing underneath the gums? You can’t see them yet, but they are there.

By the age of two and a half your baby has a full set of baby teeth and by the time your child becomes five or six years old, some of these teeth will be replaced with the teeth he/she will use for the rest of his/her life.

Great care needs to be taken though, as much can go wrong; baby or primary teeth are vulnerable and are prone to decay. Poor habits like thumb or finger sucking, which persists beyond the time the adult front teeth have come through, will affect the alignment of the teeth, speech, swallowing, and breathing.

Statistics show that one out of four children get knocked over and break one or more front teeth.

The increased consumption of fizzy drinks and refined sugary foods and the lack of high quality nutrient dense essential oils, fruits and vegetables cause an alarming rise of childhood dental rot. All these issues can be prevented with good basic knowledge, guidance and daily application of a good oral hygiene routine.

Ishsko’s Parent and Child dental prevention programme offers information about tooth development, good brushing techniques and how to spot dental developmental problems.

You will receive a Stop The Rot CD with information about the dietary needs to heal dental decay and the top 10 decay causing factors like hidden sugars and risks from bottle feeding at night time.

For more information call 098 26200, email [email protected]


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