Positive career change - nutritional therapy

In recent years there has been a huge increase in awareness of the relationship between nutrition and health. As a result more and more people are seeking the advice of nutritional therapists. A three-year diploma program (part-time ) is now being run in Galway.

Recent graduate, Paula Duggan, describes her experience. “I had travelled through Australia and seen how huge nutrition is there, it is part of the culture and the healthcare system. When I returned to Ireland I enrolled in a three year diploma course with the College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM ). I specifically chose this training provider as the course content looked fantastic and I liked that I could do the course part-time at the weekends which allowed me to work and finance the education without too much pressure. At the time I remember thinking that three years was such a long time but it just flew by.”

Paula now has her own successful practice, “I now have my own practice combining nutrition and fitness. I really love my work. I focus on getting people to realise how wonderful they can feel when they follow a nutrient dense diet and make exercise part of their lives”

If you are interested in making a positive career change, CNM is now taking enrolments for the Nutritional Therapy Diploma starting in the autumn. They have an open evening on Monday July 8 at 7pm in the Galway Business School. See www.naturopathy.ie for more details. To book ring 01 235 3094.



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