Gerry Carney at the Linenhall

Singer songwriter Gerry Carney performs at the Linenhall Arts Centre on Thursday June 6.

Singer songwriter Gerry Carney performs at the Linenhall Arts Centre on Thursday June 6.

Regarded as one of Ireland’s finest songwriters, Gerry Carney performs at the Linenhall Arts Centre in Castlebar on Thursday June 6 at 8pm. Gerry Carney came to the fore with his now worldwide hit, “Paddy”, a song dedicated to the forgotten Irish: the people who left Ireland for work, and sent the money home to support the families they left behind. “Paddy” is now officially Ireland’s favourite song (as stated in a Sunday Independent poll ), and is seen as a song that will go down as having played a major part in re-awakening interest in the plight of these people.

But before “Paddy”, Gerry had been touching hearts with songs including “The Flame Just Flickered and Died”, “Nothing Without You”, “The Cottage by the Sea”, and many more. Continuously touring England and America, he tells the stories behind his songs, stories that everyone can identify with, and the lyrics combined with powerful melodies have earned him a dedicated fan base. From his first album The Flame recorded in 1995, Gerry has dedicated his career to writing and recording original songs. It was not always an easy road, but dedication and belief have led him to the top of his game as a singer songwriter. Always available to his supporters, he dedicates a large amount of time to charitable causes, mainly cystic fibrosis, and autism. His career so far has seen him work with the likes of Van Morrison and Alison Krauss, and his songs have been recorded by many other artists, and he is constantly in demand as a songwriter. His current tour showcases new songs from a forthcoming album, as well as his back catalogue. Gerry’s last show in the Linenhall theatre was a memorable night for fans and newcomers alike, and he is very much looking forward to singing his songs and telling his stories in the intimacy of this theatre.



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